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Violin Solos for Church: Book 2

1 Reviews
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Categories: violin

Reviews (1)

The second book in the series Violin Solos for Church is filled with arrangements in the same exciting style as seen in Book 1, but with a little more of a challenge presented by each song. This edition progresses to the early intermediate level for both the violin and piano part.

There are 1 reviews for " Violin Solos for Church: Book 2 "

Julie Preston

This book helps meet the need for more church music for the developing musician. I highly recommend it! The songs are a little longer and more difficult than the songs in book 1. There are also some key changes in the middle of some of the songs. This book is the right level for a student who is at the end of, or has completed Book 2 of most methods. The songs are all written in 1st position.


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